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work of free individuals whose prominence is
dependent upon the response and support of
the general mind.*lf
But here I have tcTmake amends to Lord Lloyd.
I was led to believe that the British Council was
responsible for Mr. Teeling, the author of'Crisis for
Christianity, and I said as much in The Fate of Homo
Sapiens. I now unsay it. Mr. Teeling, I gather,
was sent out upon his journeys by a Catholic news-
paper. The British Council was entirely innocent
of him.
It is not only that the Ministries of Information
and Propaganda do their level best to divert
the limited gifts and energies of such writers,
lecturers and talkers as we possess, to the pro-
duction of disingenuous muck that will muddle
the public mind and mislead the enquiring
foreigner, but that they show a marked dis-
position to stifle any free and independent
utterances that may seem to traverse their own
profound and secret plans for the salvation of
Everywhere now it is difficult to get adequate,
far-reaching publicity for outspoken discussion
of the way the world is going, and the political,
economic and social forces that carry us along.
This is not so much due to deliberate suppression
as to the general disorder into which human